Active Travel Indochina provides budget travel service for travelers going to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. We offer tailor-made holidays at discounted prices. As a local company we specialize in cheap tour packages for families and small groups traveling on tight budget. Customize your trip to Indochina at low cost and get best bargain deals...



Travel Indochina

Package tours to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

Vietnam visa

Vietnam visaJust send us your details and we will arrange your visas upon arrival, it takes five working days to pick up visas...

Guide to cities

Vietnam travel guideGuide about attractions at each city, providing brief info including facts, maps, transport, weather...

Travel activities

Vietnam travel activitiesAll information on types of travel activities with guide and tips. learn and share your experience...


Indochina Travel

Vietnam Travel

Vietnam TravelDiscover the ancient trading town of Hoi An, explore Forbidden citadel and emperors’ tombs in Hue...

Laos Travel

Laos TravelVisit Laos's laidback capital Vientiane and explore the culture and visit Luang Prabang’s ancient temples...

Cambodia Travel

Cambodia TravelVisit awe-inspiring temples of Angkor in Siem Reap and learn about the dark and suffered Phnom Penh’s tragic past...


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